What is the cost of ISTQB Exam Certification? How much does the Foundation Level Exam Cost?

The cost of the ISTQB Foundation Level Certification Exam varies from country to country. The basic entry level exam that anyone can take through ISTQB is called the Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) but it is more popularly known as the Foundation Level exam. This is one of the most economical certifications available to anyone.

Costs details of ISTQB Certification Exam for Foundation level in India

  • The ISTQB Foundation Level exam costs Rs. 4,580 for the public exam.
  • The ISTQB public exam is open to anyone.
  • ISTQB also has a corporate exam for the Foundation Level certification. If a company has over 10 individuals from their organization who want to take up the exam, the Indian Testing Board which conducts the exam in India, will conduct the exam in the company’s premises. This is known as a corporate exam.
  • The cost of the corporate exam is Rs. 4000
  • You can take up the public exam even if you work for a large organization and you do not want to wait for the corporate exam to be organized.

Cost of ISTQB Foundation Level Exam in USA

  • Taking the Foundation Level exam in US costs $250
  • In US, the exam is conducted by American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB), which is the ISTQB’s US division. ISTQB calls them Member Boards
  • The exam is approved for student reimbursement for veterans by the US Department Of Veteran Affairs

Cost of ISTQB Foundation Level Exam in UK

  • Taking the Foundation Level exam in UK costs GBP 145
  • In UK, the exam is conducted by United Kingdom Testing Board (UKTB). UKTB is ISTQB’s UK division.

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ISTQB Certification 2017 Syllabus and Study Material

One of the most common questions we are asked, is if there is a new ISTQB Certification syllabus in 2017 and if our ISTQB study material can be used for the new exam pattern. People also ask if the question paper pattern is changing.

ISTQB 2016 Study Material SyllabusThey want to know if the changes are already in effect and if not, when the changes will be in effect. We get emails asking if you buy the study material now, can it be used to appear for the exam in three months or will the syllabus change by then.

Our premium study material is a comprehensive package. This means that it is not just question papers. It contains a book that explains all the topics in an easy to understand manner. This will ensure that you have sufficient knowledge of everything that can be asked in the ISTQB exam.

Many people who study on their own only rely on sample question papers. This is not a good practice because the questions in the exam are taken from a vast pool of questions and what you practiced in the ISTQB dumps or mock tests may not be the same questions that appear in the exam.

Our book covers the complete ISTQB syllabus and with sample tests at the end of each chapter.

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ISTQB has introduced a number of new certifications and certification paths. However, at present the syllabus for the ISTQB Foundation Level Exam also known as Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) has not been changed.

If there is a change in the ISTQB syllabus, this will be announced well in advance before the exam itself is changed.

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